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Westport Town Hall Theatre is fully committed to greening the arts and making every effort to being eco conscious in all aspects of our work.


Opened in June 2015 after a major redevelopment Westport Town Hall was purposely designed with sustainability in mind. Built from masonry wall and stone construction with good levels of insulation and dry lining throughout walls, floors and roofs. Thermally Efficient windows and doors. Space heating is provided by modern Condensing Gas boilers with an AHU providing heat to the auditorium. Water heating is supplied by a separate gas water boiler. All areas are zoned and controlled by a central BMS system with thermostats positioned throughout the building. The domestic lighting of the building is also completely LED with occupancy sensors throughout.

In 2023 we availed of the SEAI Support Scheme for Energy Audits which allowed us to employ an energy consultant to undertake an Energy Audit Report. While the results of the report were very encouraging it also outlined areas where we can improve our energy use.


Key areas of improvement identified in the report:


  • Upgrading BMS system to monitor energy usage to specific zones/elements of the building.

  • Rebalancing the AHU to ensure it is operating at optimum levels.

  • Invest in the installation of PV Solar Panels.

  • Investigate the feasibility of installing an Air to Water Heat Pump for domestic hot water.


The Primary goal is to entice us to take action on reducing wasteful practices.


Westport Town Hall Theatre was also one of the first public use buildings in Europe to incorporate Swift Boxes directly into the redevelopment of the building.















What we are doing:


  • Upgrading stage lighting from tungsten to LED lighting.

  • Using all glass and crockery in the bar and kitchen areas.

  • Encouraging customers to go paperless with tickets by using their phones.

  • Reduce water usage in toilets with restrictors.

  • Actively encouraging recycling.

  • Actively encouraging staff to switch off computers/machinery when not in use.

  • Reducing the use of PVC and Gaffa tape by using velcro straps and matts where required.


What you can do:


  • Go Paperless. Download your e-ticket in advance and present your tickets to be scanned on your phone. (If you would like to learn how to do this just ask one of our staff)

  • Consider carpooling or using public transport while attending an event at the theatre.

  • Be conscious of water usage. Don’t leave taps running. Report leaks to staff

Swift boxes
Energy action plan.
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