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"Look West into the Light"

Westport Town Hall Theatre

June 2023.

Official Opening June 2nd @ 6pm

Everyone is Welcome

Michael Reynolds, a Westport native, took up photography eight years ago after the birth of his son, James. He began taking his camera along on walks and hikes and quickly fell in love with landscape photography. Michael’s first solo exhibition invites the viewer on a visual journey through the fascinating world of sunsets and light. All the images in ‘Look West to the Light’ capture the beauty of County Mayo.


The stunning Mayo coastline is an unswerving feature in many of the images on
display. As a photographer Michael is always on the lookout for the perfect light, that magical quality that can transform a scene into something truly captivating. The west of Ireland, and Mayo in particular, are known as a landscape photographers paradise. There is no better place to capture the essence of light than the stunning landscapes that surround us here in Mayo from the hauntingly beautiful Doolough valley, amazing vistas of Achill and the majestic Croagh Patrick. ‘Look West to the light’ is the picture-perfect title for this exhibition. The influence of sweeping
seascapes, rugged mountains, beautiful sunsets with golden light and the overall natural beauty that is county Mayo can be observed in the images Michael has picked for this exhibition.


He hopes that the images in ‘Look West to the Light’ lead the viewer on a photo journey, offer a glimpse of the beauty and wonder of this special place, and inspires others to explore the fascinating world of light photography. 


All frames have been carefully hand-made.


Further information on Michaels work can be found on his website

and, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram with the #MichaelReynoldsMedia

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