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Abhaile Arís


Tina Burns

Westport Town Hall Theatre

June 2024.

Tina Burns is a native of Westport town, grew up on Tubber Hill and went to
school in the Sacred Heart School. Way back then she always had a keen interest in all things arty, and did attempt to study Art having left school. However, that wasn’t to last long. When she landed a good “permanent and pensionable” job in the Civil Service it just seemed the right thing to do to take it.

And so, for the next 38 years she worked in various roles in the Department of Social Protection. Mostly in Donegal but also did a seven year stint in Waterford.


Apart from the odd portrait here and there, she really didn’t engage in the art and craft world at all.


Tina was still living and working in Letterkenny in Donegal when along came COVID, and, as it did for a lot of people, it prompted her to reconsider what was really important in life. For a start, she upped sticks and moved back to this beautiful vibrant town in December 2020, continuing to work, but from home.

And that is when this rather late return to art came about. It all started with the burning ambition to somehow create models of Westport’s iconic Octagon and Clock. There existed any amount of postcards, pictures, magnets, prints and so on but never 3d models. After many failed attempts and a considerable amount of wasted money she brought that to fruition.


Along the journey of trying to identify the right substance to use etc., she discovered all kinds of weird and wonderful things in the art and craft world and was soon having a go at everything and anything. Working with resin, wax, acrylic paint pouring, you name it. There followed some workshops and classes and now there is no stopping her! Now her house is filled with wax, resin, vinyl, paints and crafting substances of every description known to man or beast.

So, forty two years after abandoning any artistic ambitions, here she is. There’s life in the old dog yet!

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Exhibition Hanging


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