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Fragile Beings

By Siobhan McGuire & Lola Deane

Westport Town Hall Theatre

May 2024.

“The sorrow, grief and rage you feel is a measure of your humanity and your evolutionary maturity. As your heart breaks open there will be room for the world to heal.” Joanna Macy

Fragile Beings is a collaborative exhibition between Westport artists Siobhan
McGuire and Lola Deane, exploring the themes of grief, loss, destruction,
displacement and fragility both in the human and more than human world. It opens a visual conversation about the felt sense of grief and the disconnection between humans, our ancestral lands and the earth as a living being.

Siobhán McGuire is an eco-somatic artist, originally from Manchester, of Mayodescent, living in Westport for the past 23 years. She graduated in Art and Design in 1992 with specialism in woodcut printmaking. With a deep, somatic connection to the earth, experienced through absorption and immersion, her art is an intuitive, soulful expression of her body’s visceral and embodied response to, and memory of her ancestral Irish land. Her work is a series of vibrant, expressive, abstract landscape paintings in oil and wax and semi-carved wood blocks which are born from a layered process of wandering her own inner and outer landscapes and the vital, silent conversation she has with a grieving earth.

Lola Deane is a young artist from Westport. Her art comes through her as an
embodied experience, normally lacking any words or need to explain. From a young age she has felt the loss of “the village mind” or “clan” and how this has created separation from each other, the land and the mystery of life. Lola is inspired by the more than human in us all and the “feral” and yet “still” side of emotions around grief and loss. She sees art as a vital message and integral part of the community. Her passion lies in inviting us to see and feel in her work, what we might sense in our body and soul. Instagram @wildanuart Instagram @_lolamae_

Siobhan McGuire Painting Exhibition
Siobhan McGuire Painting Exhibition1_edi
Lorna Deane Painting Exhibition
Exhibition Hanging


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