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Noreen Salder

Westport Town Hall Theatre

March 2024.

Noreen lives in Islandeady, near Westport and has been painting for most of her life. Her working years as a primary schoolteacher gave her the chance to share her love of art with children but it was only since she retired she found the time to really relax with the paintbrush and canvas.

She has experimented with watercolour, pen and ink, oils, pastels and acrylic.

Almost all the pictures in this exhibition are done in acrylic. She has had other exhibitions locally but her paintings hang in many parts of the country and overseas.

Noreen’s work is not confined to any one style. She paints scenery, flowers, portraits, sporting and religious themes and has done a comprehensive body of work highlighting the hard life of women in bygone days. To keep a balance she has also been known to enjoy the odd foray into abstract art.


Variety is the spice of life, she maintains!

“ANSEO” is the name of her studio, 2 miles from Westport on the old N5 at F28E085.

Official Opening:

Thursday March7th at 6.00pm

All welcome!

Clare Island.jpeg
Jobs for the Girls.jpeg
Bridge scene.jpeg
Exhibition Hanging


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