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Marie Wood


Passion, Place and Process


An Exhibition of Mixed Media Painting/Collage


February 2023

Making Art is my lifeblood.  This exhibition “Passion, Place and Process” explores an ever-unfolding journey of capturing the ‘Magic’ in the everyday.  Through my recent work, I aim to express something of the sensory experience of being in the landscape, often engaging with what I describe as a ‘terrible beauty’, and the transmutation of that experience into Art, not just being a description of a place, but also what it feels like to be in it, an emotional journey.  I am not interested in portraying a pictorial likeness but want to create something which represents the total experience and excitement of that place or time.  The materials and process I employ throw up unexpected pathways which serve to evoke the essence of the subject, becoming a distillation, and revealing a sense of the extraordinary. 


I use prepared experimental painted and printed papers that create an unusual palette of textures and colours.  These collaged layers are overlapped, scraped away, drawn and painted into. When applied, they take on a life of their own, creating a new order, an equivalence, which invariably moves the work on to an unexpected journey, often more abstract creating atmosphere and luminosity.  There is a fusion between the medium and the subject.  Building up the image in layers, allows the happenstance of the process to become part of the piece.  The end result hovers between abstraction and representation, setting up a tension and resonance, connecting emotion, mood, energy and a sense of time.  I delight in the pleasure of seeing; being totally in tune with my surroundings, and somehow trying to find the right alchemy between the medium, the subject and the moment.

Ethereal Light.JPG


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