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Drama Students on stage during performance

Drama Workshops

Aoife Creaby – Westport Drama School


Westport Drama School Caters for ages 6 - 18


Speech and Drama classes in Westport are held every Tuesday and Wednesday, after school hours, and on Saturday mornings in Westport Town Hall Theatre. Aoife Creaby (Carr) has been teaching Speech and Drama for 17 years. 


The year is divided into three terms: the first term, which begins in September/October, works on skills of communication and performance. It covers, acting, mime, movement, public speaking, confidence and stage skills. We also study poetry in fun ways which will be made into performances. These poems will be performed at the end of the term which family will be able to come to see and hear.


The second term this year is an exam term. The student will work on pieces which he/she will perform in front of an examiner from the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. This term works on communication skills, personal ability to perform, poetry, drama, prose and mime, sight reading and more. Each student will then receive a certificate from

the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Last June our students received very high results across the board with a

record-breaking amount of Distinctions.

The third term this year will work towards a show which is open for parents and families mid June.  Each student will put into practice everything that they have learned from the previous terms and will learn to work as a group as well as individually. This gives the students the chance to show what they have been working towards all term and show off their new skills.


Our students are brought on a innovative journey of imagination, excitement, fun, education, entertainment and

self-improvement. For further details contact Aoife Creaby at

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