Music Workshops

Classical: The Octagon Ensemble

Tuesdays from 5.30-8pm

For 8 years and upwards

The Octagon Ensemble is a community based chamber orchestra in Westport Co. Mayo founded by Patrick Early and Rosaleen Heraty in 2016. The orchestra comprises senior strings, young adult players and junior strings. The group meets weekly to rehearse in Westport Town Hall and performs a new repertoire there twice a year in its Summer and Winter concerts.

Westelele: Yukele Orchestra

Saturdays from 2-3pm

For children and adults

The Westport Ukelele Orchestra or 'Westelele' has been set up to encourage learning and performing with the Ukelele for all ages in Westport, Co.Mayo. The group meet every Saturday and range from children up to adults under the direction of local musician David Dee Moore.