Annual Panto

January 2019 – The Wizard of Westport

In a story as old as time,

Doris and Dodo, a young girl and her talking dog are magically transported to a strange land, where their house kills a witched witch. In order to get back home they must find the Wizard of Westport while avoiding the other wicked witch. On their way they meet some familiar characters who all need the Wizard’s help.

Will Doris and Dodo make their way home safely?

Will the wicked witch get her revenge


Will everyone live happily every after??


From the panto-people who brought you ‘Prince Handsome’, you can expect an all-singing, all-dancing, laugh-out-loud show.

Oh! Yes, you can!!



January 2018 – Prince Handsome


As part of our community youth arts development programme and as a fundraiser for our MacLuí Children’s Arts festival 2018, we are planning our first Pantomime for Westport which will be run by MacLuí Community Youth Initiative and Children’s Arts Festival in association with Westport Town Hall Theatre.

The Pantomime is called “Prince Handsome”, a modern and quirky script written by Brendan Williams, a Longford man who writes and produces pantos and plays for Backstage Theatre in Longford. Brendan came down to Westport a couple of weeks ago and facilitated a free public drama/panto introduction workshop that was open to the public – we had over 40 participants – a mixture of children, teens and adults. A week after the workshops we then ran open public auditions and have managed to cast 51 people of age ranges from 8 up to 65+!

We will run the Panto from January 3rd to 7th 2018 –  shows to include evening and matinee performances. We believe it will be a huge draw as a community event, not just from an audience point of view but all the cast and crew that will be working to bring it to the stage – we envision a working participation of at least 80 people in cast and crew.

Sitting in the Directors chair for the production is Séamas MacEachmhartaigh, who has performed in countless musicals, plays and pantomimes over the years, as well as being the director for many of the successful plays and musicials produced by the Sacred Heart School, Westport. The music for the production will be overseen and performed by local Musical Director Gerry McNally, who will be joined by David “Granny” Ward and Anthony McNamee – all of whose expertise in the field of music and performing are a welcome addition to the frontline of this fantastic, locally produced community production. The dance sequences throughout the production will be cleverly choreographed by Westport’s own Amy Conlon.

The aim of this new production is to pool together Westport’s unmistakable community spirit to produce an all-encompassing show that will delight and entertain audiences of all ages.

Just to give a brief synopsis of the story of the Panto, which will include an eclectic mix of drama, music and dance – A handsome Prince wants to marry a beautiful rich Princess so that he can save his kingdom from financial ruin. No problem, you might think?! But what the Prince has in looks he lacks in brains and courage, and like all good fairy tales – that is not his only problem, a nasty villain also wants to marry the Princess and challenges Prince Handsome to a duel. Help is needed quick and a game of cat and mouse begins. Actually Three Blind Mice and a very hungry sword-bearing cat plus many, many more colourful characters enter the fray. What happens next?

Why not join us on this journey and meet some very familiar and some very unusual characters. Will good triumph over evil or will the dark forces have their day?

For more information on Prince Handsome and other Mac Luí events, please email or call Westport Town Hall 098 28459.