Category - Traditional Irish Showcase
Date - Tuesday, July 18, 2017 8:00 pm

DATE: Tuesday, 4th July – Tuesday 29th August, 2017

TIME: 8:00pm

TICKETS: €20/18/10/50 (family of 4)



The focus of this artistic production is to bring local traditional Irish & contemporary performing art forms to the stage to produce original pieces of music, dance & imagery as collaborative forms of narration to tell the story of Ireland’s Patron Saint – St Patrick.

Westport is steeped in St Patrick’s legacy, standing under the watchful eye of the monument erected on the Octagon to the Patron Saint, while a mere 10 miles away lies Croagh Patrick – the mountain dedicated to his life and ultimately his unmistakable influence over the Irish people, their traditions & beliefs.

Described in the national media as a “tour de force” and following sell-out performances over the summer of 2016, “Patrick” will return to the Westport theatre stage every Tuesday night for July and August 2017. The show centers on original pieces of live music, dance and cinematic imagery as collaborative forms of narration to explore the story of Ireland’s Patron Saint – Patrick.

Through the ancient art of storytelling using the spoken word, performer and script-writer Declan Askin navigates this original multimedia production to achieve the ultimate artistic goal – to entertain and enlighten the audience through music, dance, song and cinematic imagery to tell the story of Saint Patrick. This production leaves the starring role to the story – brought to you by Declan Askin, with original music composed and performed by Des Cafferkey and Bart De Boer. Heading up the majestic dancing and rebel-rousing sean-nos is award-winning choreographer Liam Scanlon, tapped off in equal measure by world champion Ela Kohen-Murray with Aaron Glancy and Ryan Owens – each performer displaying their own unique style and place in the performance.  One of the most poignant parts of the show is the cameo by young Beibhinn Askin who transports the audience to a time when immigration had the Irish people in its firm grip – all done in the most endearing way with the song “Ellis Island”.

This truly exceptional ensemble cast of writers, musicians, singers and dancers bring this pinnacle story of St Patrick forth – leaving audiences thoroughly gripped from the start by a show of unique talent, honesty and pride, curbed with some tactfully placed wit.

While this musical and dance extravaganza tells the story of St Patrick, it also evokes a broader spirituality and culture through creative performance.