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Date - Saturday, January 27, 2018 8:00 pm

DATE: Wednesday 24th – Saturday 27th January 2018
TIME: 8.00pm
TICKETS: €15/12

St Patrick’s Drama Group will return to Westport Town Hall Theatre on Wednesday, 24th January for a four night run with a reprise of one of their finest productions in recent years, ‘Thy Will Be Done’. The play is being presented as a tribute to Martin Curry, the co-founder of the drama group in 1964 and who played one of the play’s four roles when it was first staged in 2001.

The play, written by Galway native, Michael Carey, is a classic true to life story that reflects a facet of Irish life not unusual even in today’s modern world.  The title may suggest a religious content but not the case, rather it refers to the document prepared where one proposed to leave ones wordly goods to a relative.

The story revolves around the quite separate lives of two elderly brothers who, because of a family dispute, have not spoken to each other for many years. Following an unfortunate incident regarding the burning of a hayshed, Peteen, the younger and bullying brother, contrived to have his  more docile brother, Jack banished to a barely habitable converted outhouse. Bride Lavin, and elderly spinster, employed as a home help by the Western Health Board, calls daily to both brothers. Peteen’s son, Martin, works with his father on their large farm but is a regular visitor to his uncle Jack’s humble abode.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Martin’s mother (and Peteen’s ex wife), becomes ill in New York and a family secret she has harboured raises doubts about the future of the family farm. A dramatic and unexpected ending bears all the hallmarks of a classic Agatha Christie thriller, and is just as compelling.

This play has everything a dramatic and entertaining play should have  ; comedy, anger, frustration, poignancy, sadness, aggression, and a hint of romance.

“Thy Will Be Done” is a combination of comedy, drama and poignancy – carefully directed by Fintan MacMahon. This play is one that is special to our group, and is being produced as a tribute to the late Martin Curry, one of our founding members, who sadly passed away in August 2017.

The hugely experienced cast give sterling performances in their roles. Gertie Foley is stellar as a laconic,droll home help with a hard sarcastic exterior and a scheming mind whilst possessing a soft heart. Lennie Grimes is superb as the downtrodden brother, Jack and his performance is one of his best. Tony Varley plays the arrogant, bullying Peteen (formally played by Martin Curry) and his confrontations with his brother Jack are brilliantly handled. Paul Dunning, playing Peteen’s son, Martin, brings a vibrant and youthful dimension to the story and he expertly picks his way through the plot to reveal a surprising ending.

Opening night is Wednesday, January 24th and the play will run for 4 nights up until Saturday, January 27th. Curtain up nightly at 8pm. For bookings check out or call 09828459.

**Note: Contains some strong language