Category - Theatre
Date - Saturday, May 13, 2017 8:00 pm

Friday 12th  and Saturday 13th May 2017

Tickets: €12/10


Floating Islands Youth Theatre Present: Lucky Town by Fiona Keane

What happens when a community, after selling itself out for years and losing all heart, suddenly gets a second chance? When an unexpected windfall of historic proportions brings with it the chance for great dreams to play out and terrifying phantoms to be laid to rest? Every inhabitant of a small country town shares the biggest lottery win in history. All but one that is, an unlucky outsider who happened to be out when the syndicate came calling… Her story and those of her neighbours and friends, the well-wishers and naysayers, the dreamers and the damned come to life in a brand new musical that will make you think… and leave the theatre singing.