Category - Comedy
Date - Saturday, October 13, 2018 8:00 pm


Off Your Trolley – A Comedy Play with Conal Gallen





NOTE: Age Recommendation 16+

Award winning Comedian, Conal Gallen is bringing his brand new Comedy Play, “Off Your Trolley”, to theatres across Ireland this Autumn. Father and son team, Conal and Rory Gallen have written their 4th Comedy Play, and it is, without doubt, their funniest comedy play ever!

Off Your Trolley”  is a rip-roaring, laugh a minute tale of life in a hospital ward! It’s packed with craic, confusion and constant laughter!” Where the story leads? Nobody knows! Not even the other actors some nights, as in true Conal Gallen style he likes to throw in some new lines just to keep them on their toes!

So why not Join Bridie, Willie, Dick, Betty and the infamous Father “Big Mad Micky” O’Reilly as they show us hospital life, as it has never been seen before. They’ll have you “in stitches” from start to finish!

You’d have to be completely “off your trolley” to miss this hilarious brand new comedy play from the cream of Irish comedy! It certainly proves that “Laughter is still the best medicine”!

Starring: Conal Gallen, Paddy McMenamin, Jack Quinn

Age Recommendation 16+